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At A Day of Lectures, Bob will talk about a few different topics:

How to take your favorite coin move and create a routine with it, plus some neat sleeving and "safe" topit work (i.e. no tossing) + Q&A's, including routines that demo that!

COACHING TIPS: i.e. tools I use in coaching & workshops to raise your awareness; to give you more confidence; to help you look better, sound better, & communicate more CLEARLY. ..which helps you better understand how the audience sees you, hears you and ultimately how they perceive you.  For if you know how they perceive you, you will better able to interact with them and also better able to control their focus and entertain them.

"Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Magic Castle

Bob Fitch has coached many of the top performers in magic., over 400 magicians: FISM winners: Shawn Farquhar, Paul Gertner, Arthur Trace, Bill Malone, Gene Anderson, Jeff McBride, David Copperfield, Eric DeCamps, Stephen Bargatze, Bob Kohler, Bob Sheets, the Flicking Fingers.  He was also a Coach & writer for Alan Nu's 4 part "Discovery" TVSeries, and NBC's "Phenomenon" Mentalist Series.

 As a magician, he is well known for his coin, topit (Topit Workshop - 3 DVD's) and holdout work (Fitch-Kohler Holdout). He created the Coffee Cup Illusion for the second David Blaine TV Special and his Holdout was utilized for several effects by Criss Angel. 

Steve Martin said to Bob's kids, "Follow in your father's footsteps, I did!"
If you can dream up a magic effect, there's a strong possibility that Bob can figure out a way to make it work.

Mr. Bob Fitch!

Although highly unlikely, the lecturers for this event may change.  Your registration is transferable, but NON REFUNDABLE